Parrish Delivery Services

Medical Courier Services

It's personal and often critical – to the patients, and to your decisions and reputation.

At Parrish Delivery Services, we truly understand the importance of making medical deliveries that are treated with the utmost care, confidence, and urgency. In fact, we treat all of our deliveries just as if they were for our own families. Some even are – We transported a very specialized plasma product for a close relative, so we really do understand firsthand about the importance of caring for the products we are entrusted to transport. 

We know we're not only transporting materials, we're transporting items that ultimately affect humans, even life itself. We care deeply about our deliveries to our own family, and we will care deeply about your needs, as well.

Parrish Delivery Services team members work with Arkansas hospitals, clinical laboratories, doctors’ offices, and even local patients on both routine and emergency deliveries. Since 1991, we’ve safely and precisely packaged, transported, and delivered thousands of medical specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, temperature-controlled cargo items, and pieces of medical equipment to designated destinations.

Our medical couriers are OSHA and HIPPA compliant and have received training in general HazMat related issues, including handling and transporting blood and biological samples, and pathogen exposure procedures. 

From hospital-to-hospital for medical specimens, and from wholesale-to-retail-to-patient for pharmaceuticals, Parrish Delivery Services keeps flawless tracking records of every location and destination. You will be assured of full knowledge of the chain of custody, with proof of delivery signatures (and callbacks, when requested). Typical delivery items include: 

  • Medical specimens, biopsied tissues, bodily fluids, and whole blood
  • Routine and STAT services
  • Medical supplies/equipment and surgical kits
  • Collections on post-accident and incident DOT and non-DOT events (often at night)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Radiology films/disks and scans
  • Lab and legal reports

Medical emergencies are unpredictable, so Parrish Delivery Services runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, always balancing urgency and caution for timely, safe deliveries.